Mold in Your Front Loader Washing Machine?

Front Loader MoldIf you have purchased a new washing machine in the past 15 years, it is likely that you opted for a front-loading model. There are several advantages for choosing a front-load washer. Although they are more expensive initially, front-loading washing machines are known not only for their energy efficiency and low soap & water usage but also for their user friendly design. However, for many people, purchasing a front load washing machine can be the start of troubles…Such as mold issues or costly repairs.

One of the big problems with 
front-loading washing machines can be the buildup of mold and mildew in the door gasket or on the bottom of the drum. If it hasn’t happen to you, you have probably heard of someone else with mold issues in their washer . Why are front loaders prone to have mold? Due to their design, water doesn’t completely dry up, and as the door is closed after a load, the gasket and the bottom of the drum stays wet. Over time, you may notice a strong odor that no matter what you do, may not go away.  Replacing the gasket will temporarily solve the problem, but it will likely come back! On any appliance, when something stays dampened with water, it starts smelling after a while and you will likely see mold. As a front-loader is a sealed environment, the water and moisture can’t completely dry up. Unfortunately, standing water, generally leads to mold. The best way to avoid mold issues is to leave the door slightly ajar and to wipe down the rubber gasket & inside of the washer’s drum after each use.

 front-loaders are digital or electronic, fixing this type of unit can be costly. Not only are the parts more expensive, but the cost of getting it repaired can also be pricey!

Front-loading washing machines don’t tend to last 15 years as the old ones used to! However, they are the trend and everyone has them. You can now find front-loaders that have a self-cleaning cycle that helps to prevent the buildup of mold and mildew. As mentioned previously, the trick is to leave the door opened just a little bit after use! Not everyone will have mold problems with their front-loaders, but it is a common issue. If you think you have mold in your washer, call  Turner Appliance Repair  today at 317 788 9180.


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