Avoiding a Costly Washing Machine Repair

Front Load Washing MachineDoes it sound like someone is playing the bass drum when you run a load in your washer? Does the foundation of your home vibrate and your windows rattle? If so, I am surprised that you haven’t already called! Today, most new models of washing machines are heavily tested; however, truth be told, most new washing machines aren’t designed to last as they once were. With that said, it is important that you regularly inspect and maintain your washer machine.


  1. Make Sure Your Washing Machine is Level: 
    It’s not normal for a washing machines to shake, rattle and roll. If your unit is vibrating the floors, walls and making loud noises then it definitely needs to be leveled. If you are handy with a wrench, then use the following instructions to level your washing machine. You should likely ask for assistance in raising the washer while you adjust the legs. It is best to try to keep the washer’s legs screwed up into the machine as much as possible. Using a level, position the legs at the appropriate height and tighten the lock nut against the body of the machine so that the legs cannot rotate. If your washer has self adjusting rear legs, tilt the washer forward and lightly drop back down.


  1. Don’t Overload When Operating:
    If you have children, you may very well be washing several loads per week. In extreme cases, several loads per day. If your children are doing their own laundry, that could possibly be the reason why your washing machine is not level. As children do not have to pay us when we come to fix your washing machine, many kids have the philosophy of if the clothes fit in the washer, then it is the right size load. Make sure that you consult your washing machine’s owners manual to determine the proper load size. Overloading your washer may throw your machine off balance and lead to mechanical problems.
  1. Inspect Washer’s Hoses: You should inspect your washing machine’s hoses a few times per year. Check for signs of bubbling, cracking or wear. Hose damage can leak or burst potentially causing flood related damage to your home. Most manufacturers recommend replacing your hoses every five years. For more peace of mind, we recommend using high quality stainless steel braided hoses. 
  1. Clean the Inside Monthly:
    It is common for detergent residue to build up on the inside of a washing machine. It is recommended that you periodically use a rag and cleaner once per month to help keep your washing machine residue and odor free.


As with any small or large appliance, if you maintain them well, they will not only operate more efficiently but will tend to last much longer. If you have any appliance repair or service questions or issues don’t hesitate to call Turner Appliance Repair at 317-788-9810. 

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