Water Heater

HeaterReliable Water Heater Repair Experts in Indianapolis

Most of the time we take warm water for granted, until our water heater goes out unexpectedly. You’ll want the issue fixed quickly, and our experts at Turner Appliance can help. We are dedicated to making sure our Indianapolis area customers are satisfied by diagnosing their water heater problems quickly and fixing them just as fast.

You May Not Need a New Water Heater 

Don’t hastily assume you need to buy a new unit; our technicians are experienced at inspecting and repairing water heaters so you don’t have to worry about throwing away money you may not have to spend. The problem may be simple, and our experts can quickly and affordably replace components like a bad heating element, thermostats, and pilot assemblies to restore the warm water to your home.

Regular Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your water heater will result in fewer problems and repairs. This will extend the heater’s lifetime, save energy and ensure it continues to work properly. All you have to do to maintain optimal performance is occasionally schedule a reasonably priced tank inspection and draining. Our team will look for all these issues and more!

Call us today at (317) 788-9180 to schedule an appointment or a same-day emergency water heater service call.

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