FridgeIndianapolis Refrigerator Repair Experts

A broken refrigerator or freezer that isn’t repaired promptly can be a costly ordeal due to spoiled food. The Indianapolis refrigerator repair experts at Turner Appliance can help. We’ve dealt with an array of refrigerator problems and are experienced at restoring them to working order quickly. We will service all the major makes and models.

Common Refrigerator Issues

  • Faulty or Broken Seals
  • Clogged Condenser Coils
  • Frost/Ice Build-Up
  • Water Leaks
  • Broken Ice Maker
  • Cooling Problems

Be Energy Efficient

If you have recently repaired your refrigerator or freezer, we highly recommend you clean the coils. Regular maintenance of the coils saves energy. Your unit’s cooling ability is directly related to the fullness of the freezer. A full freezer will run more efficiently than an empty one. Also, don’t attempt to fix repairs on your own, as this could lead to additional damage. Call a refrigerator repair expert at Turner Appliance, we’re happy to help and can be there fast!

Call us today at (317) 788-9180 for fast refrigerator or freezer repair

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