Garbage Disposal & Trash Compactor


Indianapolis and the Surrounding Counties’ Source for Professional Trash Compactor and Garbage Disposal Repair

Trash build-up or malfunctioning garbage disposals can be a frustrating ordeal, and our experts at Turner Appliance understand the importance of prompt, emergency service that’s affordable. We know how to fix all types, models and brands of trash compactors and garbage disposals.

The most common problems with trash compactors and garbage disposals are best repaired by an expert in order to prevent any future malfunctions like a jammed unit, electrical issues or debris blockage. Since many consider the trash compactor to be an important home appliance, we understand the need for quick repair. We offer service and maintenance to ensure your trash compactor and garbage disposal fight debris build-up and avoid overheated motors.

Call us today at (317) 788-9180 for expert appliance repair and maintenance services!

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